Law No. 225-FZ on Amendments to the Federal Law on Appraisal Activities in the RF entered into force on July 21, 2014 providing the following main amendments to the procedure for challenging cadastral value:

  • A mandatory pre-court procedure for appealing cadastral value to a special commission for considering disputes relating to the results of cadastral valuation has been introduced. An application for review of a cadastral valuation can be submitted to the commission before the next appraisal is entered in the state cadaster of real estate, but not more than five years after the entry of the appealed valuation in the cadaster. The commission's decision may be challenged in court on the basis of incorrect information on the immovable property, or the determination of the market value of the immovable property on the date on which its cadastral value was established.
  • In the event that the cadastral value is changed by decision of the commission or court, information on the new cadastral value will apply as of January 1 of the calendar year in which the application for review of the cadastral value was submitted, but not earlier than the date on which the challenged cadastral value was entered in the state cadaster of real estate. The law permits the retroactive application of cadastral valuations established as a result of appeal.

The law also establishes other provisions relating to the cadastral appraisal of real estate. Persons interested in challenging the cadastral value of real estate need to take the new procedure and conditions for review of cadastral valuations into consideration when preparing their appeals.