A bill regarding amendments to the Aliens Act is under consideration in the Parliament. The amendments would exclude information technology and communication employees from immigration quotas. Currently the bill is under second reading in the Riigikogu and is expected to be adopted shortly.

If these changes are adopted, it will be easier for Estonian startups to hire more qualified foreign specialist, while foreign startups will have less bureaucracy as to widening their activities to Estonia.

In addition, the amendments would create an investor resident permit similar to many other jurisdictions. To qualify, an investor has to invest at least EUR 1 million in investment funds or Estonian enterprises, which in turn invest in the Estonian economy. This is intended as a convenience for investors to enable them to better manage their investments and contribute to the Estonian economy.

Finally the amendments will ease some of the bureaucracy involved with travelling while holding an Estonian residence permit. An extended stay outside Estonia will no longer have to be registered. Information from Äripäev, article as of 26 May 2016 available in Estonian here.