On November 29, 2016, the State Intellectual Property Office ("SIPO") issued the Several Opinions on Tightening Patent Right Protection Comprehensively (the "Opinions").

The Opinions set out that by 2020, efforts will be made to basically perfect the system of policies and regulations and the working system and mechanism concerning the tightened protection of patent rights, to enhance the intensity, efficiency and level of patent enforcement in an all-round way, and to ensure the effective operation of the coordinated mechanism for patent protection. The Opinions expressly state the need of fully fulfilling the regulatory duties of the government and cracking down on patent infringements and counterfeits in a more severe manner. The Opinions also propose to enhance the regulation of online trading platforms, put forward explicit requirements on the safeguarding and protection of patents during the examination and approval of operators' network access and various stages of their daily operations, and guide network trading platforms to establish the internal mechanisms for handling complaints against patent infringements and counterfeits. Moreover, the Opinions require that social forces will be guided to involve in the governance and jointly develop a mechanism for patent protection under social governance, and also call for increased efforts to disclose the case-related information, improve the dishonesty punishment mechanism, improve the rules for the mediation and arbitration of intellectual property right disputes, guide innovationoriented enterprises to join the key contact mechanism of patent protection and unbar the channels for protection of enterprises' patents.