Gene Quinn at IP Watchdog is reporting that Rep. Goodlatte is planning to introduce a bill in the House next week that will be very similar to the Innovation Act that the House passed in the last session. Here are some links to commentary on various sides of the patent reform debate that will help retailers understand the players and where the patent reform battle will be fault:

United for Patent Reform, which includes the National Retail Federation, the Food Marketing Institute and numerous major tech companies, is making the case for patent reform. The Hill’s Congress Blog has some interesting analysis of the patent reform debate, including this call for patent reform. Patent Docs make the case for the other side: the Big Ten opposes reform and an industry coalition opposes reform. IAM has a two part interview with Adam Cooper (part one and part two), now at Covington, but until recently a Senate Judiciary Committee chief counsel for IP that worked with Senator Leahy on patent reform. It is an interesting read. Gigaom asks and answers five questions about the 2015 patent reform effort and then rates is chances a “crap shoot.”