In a case handled by Mark Meyerhoff and Julie Strom of the Los Angeles office, a Personnel Commission found cause to uphold the termination of a police officer.  The Department terminated the officer after a sexual harassment complaint against him led to not only an investigation of those allegations, but a separate investigation into performance deficiencies uncovered as a result of the first inquiry. 

The officer was accused of repeatedly sexually harassing a Police Cadet with whom he worked.  He made multiple inappropriate sexual comments towards her, both in person and via text messages.  After searching his locker and auditing his phone calls, the Department also found multiple performance violations, including failure to appropriately serve the public and failure to respond to the District Attorney's office request for information.

The officer denied that he harassed the Cadet, claiming their relationship was consensually flirtatious.  However, the Hearing Officer found his testimony not credible.

The Commission adopted the Hearing Officer's recommendation that the City upheld the officer's termination.