Adult entertainment provider, Spearmint Rhino Companies Worldwide, Inc. (Spearmint), sued Chiappa Firearms Ltd. and a related entity, Chiappa Holdings LLC, for trademark infringement of U.S. Registration Nos. 3,205,552; 3,189,323; and 3,189,324. The complaint filed in the U.S. District Court, District of Central California alleges that the Chiappa Firearms’ logo mark on its firearms, featuring the outline of the head of a rhinoceros, is similar to Spearmint’s rhinoceros head logo mark used in the adult industry to market, among other goods and services, “panties, g-strings, brassieres and corsets for semi-nude and erotic dancers.” The case no. is 2:11-cv-05682-R–MAN, filed on July 11, 2011.