On February 3, 2010, CBP highlighted accomplishments of its US-Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program in 2009. C-TPAT is a voluntary supply chain security program in which participants agree to comply with heightened security measures in exchange for certain benefits, such as expedited customs clearance.

Among its accomplishments, CBP boasted the certification of 1,237 new C-TPAT members, bringing the total number of members to 9,617—a nine percent increase from 2008. CBP reported conducting 3,420 validations in 75 high-risk countries, exceeding its annual goal of 3,200 validations. CBP noted that 2009 constituted the first year that the number of revalidations under the program exceeded the number of initial validations.

CBP further reported that 297 C-TPAT members were either suspended or removed from the program as a result of an incident or failed validation. The number of incidents and failed validations represented a 26 percent decrease and a 20 percent increase, respectively, compared to 2008. Of the 51 appeals of suspensions or removals that were considered in 2009, 32 were denied and 19 resulted in the reinstatement of the participants in the C-TPAT program.