According to the report by China Intellectual Property News issued on April 22th, Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (Shanghai FTZ) has seized the first trademark infringing goods in the zone, since its establishment. Being alleged by Nike Company, the 10,164 pairs of shoes with NIKE and hook figure, worthy of about 5 million Yuan, have violated the registered NIKE trademark of the company.

A routine report from Germany Hamburg Customs on a consignment of Nike shoes exported and then imported back to China by a China-based company from Germany this January had drawn attention of Shanghai Customs. A representative from Shanghai Customs revealed that after a long time of examination and investigation, these 10,164 pairs of shoes had been ferret out on March, 6th and the law-breakers had confessed their intention of taking advantage of the quick customs clearance preferential policy. The he case was then handed over to the police.

Statistics show that in 2014, Shanghai Customs has handled 461 IPR cases worthy of 446.2 million Yuan with 35, 75, 000 goods involved, increasing by 5 times over the last year. By the end of the first quarter, Shanghai Customs has handled 69 infringement cases with 2.9 million goods involved.