The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) published a press release 10 October 2012 stating that they are starting a new campaign that will strengthen their efforts to protect consumers. The campaign will determine, whether the food industry has the ability and desire to meet the current legislative requirements. This may then form a basis for further initiatives in the sector, if needed.

Specifically,  the campaign entails an intensified focus on the labelling of food etc. to ensure that consumers get all the required information and are not mislead. The assessment is done in accordance with section 3 of the Danish Marketing Act of 2012, which prohibits businesses from using misleading or incorrect information and omitting relevant information.

The campaign is a reaction to issues that the DVFA has documented in the sector, such as neglecting to provide labelling in a language that can be understood by the Danish consumer, providing inadequate ingredient lists and using labels that are misleading.

The campaign is set to conclude in the beginning of 2013. Eversheds will follow the developments closely and report further.