Deloitte & Touche LLP agreed to remit payment to the Securities and Exchange Commission of more than US $1.1 million for alleged violations of its auditor independence rules. This violation occurred, claimed the SEC, when Deloitte’s consulting affiliate, Deloitte Consulting LLP, entered into a business relationship with Andrew Boynton, who served on the boards of trustees and audit committees of three D&T SEC-registered investment company audit clients. This business relationship, which lasted from 2006 to 2011, involved Deloitte Consulting’s purchase from Mr. Boynton of intellectual property rights to a certain brainstorming business methodology, and use of Mr. Boynton to train both internal and external clients regarding the methodology, claimed the SEC. The SEC named D&T, Mr. Boynton and ALPS Fund Services, Inc., which provided administrative services to each of the relevant investment companies, in its enforcement action. The SEC claimed its rules prohibited Deloitte Consulting’s relationship with Mr. Boynton while D&T regularly issued audit reports for the investment companies with which Mr. Boynton also was associated. To settle this matter, D&T agreed to pay a fine of US $500,000, and disgorgement and prejudgment interest in excess of US $600,000. ALPS agreed to pay a fine of US $45,000, and Mr. Boynton a fine of US $25,000 plus disgorgement of US $30,000.