As of 31 January 2015, the regulations governing UK company names are changing. The changes are being introduced with the objective of improving and simplifying the process of registering a company in the UK.

“Same as” Rules

The list of words which are deemed the “same as” under the current regime has been reduced, and will no longer include the following:

  • Group
  • Holdings
  • Services
  • International

Sensitive Words

The list of words which are deemed to be “sensitive” under the current regime has been reduced meaning that approval will no longer be required in order to use certain words. The words which will be removed from the list include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • European
  • United Kingdom
  • National
  • International

Things to Consider

Due to the broadening of the “same as” rules, clients may wish to consider registering similar names to their group companies in order to avoid any issues with registration once the new regime comes into effect on 31 January 2015. For example:

  • [Name] Group Limited
  • [Name] Holdings Limited
  • [Name] Services Limited
  • [Name] International Limited