On 31 July 2012, the French Ministry of Health and the General Directorate for Health issued a press release regarding the French "Sunshine Act" adopted by the "Bertrand" Law of 29 December 2011.

As the Ministry of Health has not been able to publish the implementing decree in due time before the 1st of August, the French General Directorate for Health highlights that in accordance with the principle of the legality of criminal offences and penalties, the criminal sanctions for violation of the disclosure obligation do not apply (although the Betrand Act had specified that this disclosure obligation would be enforceable as of the 1st of August in the event that the implementing decree had not been published at that date).

In the light of the forgoing the Minister of Health has announced the creation of a new working group the role of which will be to ensure that the implementing decree is published at the latest in October 2012 thus enforcing the criminal sanction