The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has published the first release results of the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) 2017 and the revised figures for 2016’s survey.

The data

The statistical bulletin and tables showing the survey results can be found here:

Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings in the UK: provisional 2017 and revised 2016

As is widely known, the survey provides data which forms the basis of indexation for many periodical payments. Usually those payments relate to the costs of future care and case management and/ or less frequently claims for loss of earnings. The Ashe data also provides indications of earnings levels which can inform reserving decisions. Individual tables provide earnings data for specific occupation codes.

The new results

For the sake of brevity we show below the revised and first release figures for 6115 data usually applied to care and case management.


The data shows an average increase in hourly earnings  of carers across 60th to 90th percentile of 3.07%  for  First Release 2017 data. The most commonly used percentile, the 80th , increased by 2.63%.  Revised 2016 data showed slight reductions for the 70th to 90th percentile which will cause a very small offset against the 2017 increase when accounted for in the standard indexation calculation.

BLM PPO Management Service

BLM provides a PPO management service to customers. It provides two tiers of service:

  • A first tier, the basic administration of periodical payments (proof of life, indexation calculation and payment arrangements) is without charge.

  • A second tier for more complex issues (managing statutory funding under indemnity arrangements, investigating capacity) would be subject to usual rates.

The service can apply both to cases handled by BLM and also to cases handled by other law firms but where you wished BLM to manage the PPO under the service.