The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a settlement with Frostwire LLC, a company that offers two free peer-to-peer file-sharing applications (“FrostWire Desktop” for PCs and “FrostWire for Android” for Android mobile devices). The FTC alleged that Frostwire’s software likely would cause consumers to unwittingly expose sensitive personal files stored on their mobile devices, and that it misled consumers about which downloaded files from their desktop and laptop computers would be shared with a file-sharing network. According to the FTC, Frostwire had configured the Android application’s default settings so that, immediately upon installation and set-up, it would publicly share users’ photos, videos, documents, and other files stored on those devices.

The settlement bars Frostwire from using default settings that share consumers’ files, requires it to provide free upgrades to correct the unintended sharing, and bars misrepresentations about what files its applications will share.