The political pundits predicted a Republican landslide for the 2010 General Election. As it turned out, it was one of epic proportions. While it is still too early to completely evaluate the results of the election, most of the gains by the Democrats in 2006 and 2008 were reversed in yesterday's elections.

At the federal level, the Republicans narrowed the gap in the U.S. Senate and won control of the U.S. House, which had been controlled by the Democrats since January 2007. The Senate requires a 60 vote majority to stop any filibuster and move forward with a legislative vote being debated on the Senate floor. The Democrats enjoyed a 60 seat filibuster-proof majority until the untimely death of Senator Kennedy and the improbable election of a Republican, Senator Scott Brown, to replace Senator Kennedy. Beginning in January 2011, it appears that the Democrats will have a slim majority of 51 seats, which will greatly change the dynamics in Congress.

In Ohio, the Republicans won all five statewide or constitutional offices, including the coveted Governorship. Ohio typically re-elects its Governor. The last time Ohio failed to re-elect a Governor was in 1974. The Republicans also reclaimed control of the Ohio House of Representatives, which like the U.S. Congress, has been under Democratic control since 2007.

The following is a breakdown of various election results:

* Denotes Incumbent

Bold denotes winner

U.S. Senate:

Ohio's Newest Senator: Rob Portman

The outcome of the race for U.S. Senate was not a surprise, as Rob Portman (R) was leading Democratic challenger, Lee Fisher, throughout the entire campaign. Rob Portman is a former Congressman who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1993 to 2005. Portman also served in two federal Cabinet positions under President George W. Bush's administration, including U.S. Trade Representative and Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Lee Fisher is the current Lieutenant Governor and Director of the Department of Development. Mr. Fisher also served as Ohio's Attorney General from 1991 through 1995.

Republican Senator-Elect Rob Portman will be joining Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown in the U.S. Senate.

U.S. House of Representatives:

Ohio currently has 18 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and all members run for re-election every two years. In these races, five Democratic incumbents were defeated, thus the Ohio delegation will shift from 10 Democrats and 8 Republicans to 5 Democrats and 13 Republicans. This change in control will bring additional challenges to the redistricting process when Ohio loses at least one, and probably two, Congressional districts based on the loss of population as determined by the 2010 census. A bonus for Ohio is that Congressman John Boehner (R) will in all likelihood become the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

1st Congressional District - Challenger wins

Two years ago, incumbent, Steve Driehaus (D)*, defeated long-time Congressman Steve Chabot (R). Facing off again this year, the voters returned Chabot to Congress.

2nd Congressional District

Incumbent Jean Schmidt (R)* retains her seat in the race against Surya Yalamanchili (D), former manager at Procter & Gamble.

3rd Congressional District

Incumbent Mike Turner (R)* defeated Joe Roberts (D).

4th Congressional District

Incumbent Jim Jordan (R)* defeated Doug Litt (D).

5th Congressional District

Incumbent Bob Latta (R)* defeated Caleb Finkenbiner (D).

6th Congressional District, Challenger wins  

Bill Johnson (R) defeated incumbent Charlie Wilson (D)*.

7th Congressional District

Incumbent Steve Austria (R)* defeated Bill Connor (D).

8th Congressional District

Incumbent Minority Leader John Boehner (R)* defeated Justin Coussoule (D).

9th Congressional District

Incumbent Marcy Kaptur (D)* defeated Rich Iott (R).

10th Congressional District  

Incumbent Dennis Kucinich (D)* defeated Peter Corrigan (R).

11th Congressional District  

Incumbent Marcia Fudge (D)* defeated Thomas Pekarek (R).

12th Congressional District  

Incumbent Pat Tiberi (R)* defeated Paula Brooks (D).

13th Congressional District  

Incumbent Betty Sutton (D)* defeated Tom Ganley (R).

14th Congressional District  

Incumbent Steven LaTourette (R)* defeated Bill O'Neill (D).

15th Congressional District - Challenger wins  

In 2008, Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy defeated Steve Stivers (R) in a recount with 48% of the total vote. This year, Stivers defeated Kilroy (D)*.

16th Congressional District - Challenger wins  

Incumbent John Boccieri (D*) lost to businessman Jim Renacci (R).

17th Congressional District  

Incumbent Tim Ryan (D)* defeated Jim Graham (R).

18th Congressional District - Challenger wins  

Current State Senator Bob Gibbs (R) defeated incumbent Zack Space (D)*.

Ohio's Constitutional Offices


Incumbent Governor Ted Strickland (D)* was defeated by former U.S. Congressman John Kasich (R) in a very close race, 49% to 47%. Kasich served in the Ohio Senate for four years and in the U.S. House of Representatives for 18 years. While in the House, Kasich served as Chairman of the Budget Committee. Before his Governorship, Strickland was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for 12 years.


Incumbent Treasurer Kevin Boyce (D)* lost to Josh Mandel (R), 55% to 40%. Boyce was appointed by Governor Strickland in December of 2008 after then-Treasurer Richard Cordray was appointed Attorney General. Prior to being appointed Treasurer, Boyce served on the Columbus City Council as President Pro Tem and Chairman of the Finance and Zoning Committees. Josh Mandel is currently serving in his second term as State Representative. Mandel is a veteran of the War in Iraq, serving two tours of duty in Iraq as a U.S. Marine Intelligence Specialist.

Secretary of State

Jon Husted (R) won the race for Secretary of State over Mary Ellen O'Shaughnessy (D), 55% to 41%. O'Shaughnessy is the current Clerk of Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. Prior to serving as Clerk, O'Shaughnessy was elected three times as a Columbus City Council Member, serving as chair of the Public Service and Transportation Committee. Jon Husted previously served as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives for eight years and Speaker of the Ohio House from 2005-2009. He is currently a member of the Ohio Senate.


Candidate Dave Yost (R) defeated David Pepper (D), 51% to 45%. Pepper is a former councilman for the City of Cincinnati and is currently a Hamilton County Commissioner. Candidate Dave Yost served as Delaware County Auditor from 1999 to 2003 and is currently serving his second term as Delaware County's Prosecuting Attorney.

Attorney General

The incumbent Attorney General Richard Cordray (D)* was defeated by the better-known Mike DeWine (R), 48% to 46%. Cordray served as the Treasurer of the State of Ohio and as Treasurer of Franklin County, Ohio. He also previously served as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives and as the first Ohio State Solicitor under then-Attorney General Lee Fisher. Republican Mike DeWine served in the Ohio Senate for two years, the U.S. House of Representatives for eight years, and the U.S. Senate from 1995-2007. He also served as the 59th Lt. Governor of Ohio.

Ohio Supreme Court

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court - Challenger wins

Eric Brown* (D)

Maureen O'Connor (R)

Justice of the Supreme Court

Mary Jane Trapp (D)

Judith Lanzinger* (R)

Justice of the Supreme Court

Paul E. Pfeifer* (R)

Ohio Legislature

Ohio Senate

District 1  

Erik M. Cranmer (D)  

Steve Buehrer* (R)

District 3  

Mark Pfeifer (D)  

Kevin Bacon (R)  

William Yarbrough (Libertarian)

District 5 - Challenger wins  

Fred Strahorn* (D)  

Bill Beagle (R)

District 7  

Sam Pettinichi (D)  

Shannon Jones* (R)

District 9  

Eric H. Kearney* (D)  

Deborah M. McKinney (R)  

Jessica L. Mears (Libertarian)

District 11  

Edna Brown* (D)  

Tom Waniewski (R)

District 13 - Challenger wins  

Sue Morano* (D)  

Gayle L. Manning (R)

District 15  

Charleta B. Tavares (D)  

Alicia Healy (R)

District 17  

Justin Fallon (D)  

David T. Daniels (R)

District 19  

Neil Patel (D)  

Kris Jordan* (R)

District 21  

Shirley A. Smith* (D)  

Burrell A. Jackson (R)

District 23  

Michael J. Skindell* (D)  

Dave Morris (R)

District 25  

Nina Turner* (D)

District 27  

Frank C. Comunale (D)  

Frank LaRose (R)

District 29  

Richard D. Reinbold Jr. (D)  

Scott Oelslager (R)

District 31  

Dennis A. Lupher (D)  

Tim Schaffer* (R)

District 33  

Joe Schiavoni* (D)  

Matt Lewis (R)  

John K. Fockler Jr. (Libertarian)

Ohio House of Representatives

District 1 - Challenger wins  

Linda S. Bolon* (D)  

Craig Newbold (R)

District 2  

Richard Bird (D)  

Andrew O. Brenner (R)

District 3  

Ron Amstutz* (R)

District 4  

Connie Miller (D)  

Matt Huffman* (R)

District 5  

Gerald L. Stebelton* (R)

District 6  

Jackie Brown (D)  

Randy Gardner* (R)

District 7  

Kenny Yuko* (D)  

Tony Hocevar (R)

District 8  

Armond Budish* (D)  

Jerry V. Powell (R)

District 9  

Barbara Boyd* (D)  

Charles Perkel (R)

District 10  

Bill Patmon (D)

District 11  

Sandra Williams* (D)  

Roz McAllister (R)

District 12  

John E. Barnes Jr. (D)

District 13  

Nickie J. Antonio (D)

District 14  

Mike Foley* (D)  

Kevin J. Burke (R)

District 15  

Timothy J. DeGeeter* (D)

District 16

Jennifer L. Brady (D)  

Nan A. Baker* (R)

District 17  

Kelli Kay Perk (D)  

Marlene Anielski (R)  

David Macko (Libertarian)

District 18 - Challenger wins  

Matt Patten* (D)  

Mike Dovilla (R)

District 19  

Marian L. Harris* (D)  

Anne Gonzales (R)  

Michael Johnston (Libertarian)

District 20  

Nancy J. Garland* (D)  

Matt Carle (R)  

Lawrence Binsky (Libertarian)  

Jacquelyn K. Thompson (Write In)

District 21  

David Robinson (D)  

Mike Duffey (R)

District 22  

John Patrick Carney* (D)  

Angel R. Rhodes (R)  

Corey Ansel (Green)  

Mark Noble (Libertarian)

District 23  

Steven Harp (D)  

Cheryl L. Grossman* (R)  

Casey D. Borders (Libertarian)

District 24  

Ted Celeste* (D)  

Nathan Larger (R)

District 25  

Michael Stinziano (D)  

Scott Alan Hubbard (R) - Withdrew

District 26  

Tracy Heard* (D)  

Joseph A. Healy (R)

District 27  

W. Carlton Weddington* (D)  

Meagan Cyrus (R)

District 28 - TOO CLOSE TO CALL  

Connie Pillich* (D)  

Mike Wilson (R)  

Bryant Callaghan (Libertarian)

District 29  

Liz Ping (D)  

Louis W. Blessing Jr.* (R)

District 30  

Richard G. Luken (D)  

Bob Mecklenborg* (R)

District 31  

Denise Driehaus* (D)  

Mike Robison (R)

District 32  

Dale Mallory* (D)  

Erik Nebergall (R)  

Ryan Printy (Libertarian)

District 33  

Alicia Reece* (D)  

Jim Smith (R)  

Curtis A. Wells (Independent)  

Jillian Mack (Libertarian)

District 34  

Max Kinman (D)  

Peter Stautberg* (R)

District 35  

Marcia Garrison (D)  

Ron Maag* (R)

District 36  

Carl D. Fisher Jr. (D)  

Michael E. Henne (R)  

Cheryl K. Watson (Independent)

District 37  

Steven C. Byington (D)  

Peggy Lehner* (R)

District 38  

John R. Doll (D)  

Terry Blair* (R)

District 39  

Clayton R. Luckie* (D)  

Jeffrey L. Wellbaum (R) - Withdrew  

Harlene Holland (Independent)

District 40  

Roland Winburn* (D)  

David H. Wilson (Independent)

District 41 - Challenger wins  

Brian G. Williams* (D)  

Lynn Slaby (R)  

David S. Finley (Libertarian)

District 42 - Challenger wins  

Mike Moran* (D)  

Kristina Daley Roegner (R)  

John E. Hoover (Libertarian) - Withdrew

District 43 - Challenger wins  

Stephen Dyer* (D)  

Todd M. McKenney (R)

District 44  

Vernon Sykes* (D)  

Josh Sines (R)  

Kurtis S.F. Liston (Libertarian)

District 45  

Zack Milkovich (D)  

Charles Lasher (R)

District 46  

Harry Barlos (D)  

Barbara R. Sears* (R)

District 47  

Teresa Fedor* (D)  

Rick Bush (R)  

Joseph M. Pfeiffer (Libertarian)

District 48  

Michael Ashford (D)  

Carolyn J. Eyre (R)  

Schylar M. Meadows (Independent)

District 49  

Matthew A. Szollosi* (D)  

Jeff Wingate (R)

District 50  

Todd D. Bosley (D)  

Todd A. Snitchler* (R)

District 51  

Andrew Haines (D)  

Kirk Schuring* (R)

District 52  

Stephen D. Slesnick* (D)  

Travis Secrest (R)

District 53  

James C. Shew (D)  

Timothy S. Derickson* (R)

District 54  

Bruce Carter (D)  

Courtney E. Combs* (R)  

Arnold Engel (Independent)

District 55  

Suzi Rubin (D)  

Bill Coley* (R)

District 56  

Dan Ramos (D)  

Henry S. Lewandowski Jr. (R)

District 57  

Matt Lundy* (D)  

Rae Lynn Brady (R)  

Josh R. Robertson (Libertarian)

District 58  

Gregory S. Davidson (D)  

Terry R. Boose* (R)  

Bob Williams (Libertarian)

District 59  

Ronald V. Gerberry* (D)  

Mike Pestian (R)  

Patrick Manning (Libertarian)

District 60  

Robert F. Hagan* (D)  

Daniel R. Thimons (R)

District 61  

Mark D. Okey* (D)  

Michael Foit (R)

District 62  

Lorraine M. Fende* (D)  

David M. Fiebig (R)

District 63 - Challenger wins  

Mark A. Schneider* (D)  

Ron Young (R)

District 64  

Tom Leston* (D)  

Albert J. Haberstroh Jr. (R)  

Randy Law (Independent)

District 65  

Sean J. O'Brien (D)  

Geno Capone (R)  

Werner Lange (Independent)

District 66  

Barry A. Cox (D)  

Joe R. Uecker* (R)

District 67  

Anne K. Howard (D)  

Peter Beck* (R)  

Robert E. Waters (Libertarian)

District 68  

Kathleen Clyde (D)  

W. Roak Zeller (R)  

Daniel Cartwright (Constitution)  

Richard A. Duncan (Independent)

District 69  

Jack Schira (D)  

William G. Batchelder* (R)

District 70  

Michael Stewart Watters (D)  

Jarrod B. Martin* (R)

District 71  

Nathan W. McMann (D)  

Jay Hottinger* (R)

District 72  

Gregory D. Krouse (D)  

Ross W. McGregor* (R)

District 73  

Jay Goyal* (D)  

David D. Nitzsche (R)

District 74  

David J. Pilliod (D)  

Bruce W. Goodwin* (R)

District 75  

Cletus Schindler (D)  

Lynn R. Wachtmann* (R)

District 76  

Jeffrey S. Detmer (D)  

Cliff Hite* (R)  

Steven Gossard (Independent)

District 77  

Jim Zehringer* (R)

District 78  

Anthony Ehresmann (D)  

John Adams* (R)

District 79  

Howard Guy Payne (D)  

Richard N. Adams* (R)

District 80  

Dennis E. Murray* (D)  

Jeff Krabill (R)  

Judy Kayden (Libertarian)

District 81  

Benjamin E. Nutter (D)  

Rex Arthur Damschroder (R)  

Bill Hrabak (Constitution)

District 82  

Jeffrey A. McClain* (D)

District 83  

Dave Burke* (R)

District 84

Aaron T. Kilbarger (D)  

Robert D. Hackett* (R)

District 85 - Challenger wins  

Raymond A. Pryor* (D)  

Bob Peterson (R)

District 86  

Bill Horne (D)  

Cliff Rosenberger (R)  

Jacob Dawson (Libertarian)

District 87  

Clay Baker - Withdrew (D)  

Fred Deel (D)  

John A. Carey, Jr. (R)  

Tim Sanders (Libertarian)

District 88  

Danny R. Bubp* (R)

District 89  

Ron Hadsell (D)  

Terry A. Johnson (R)  

Dennis Lambert (Green)

District 90  

John T. Ryerson (D)  

Margaret Ann Ruhl* (R)

District 91 - Challenger wins  

Dan Dodd* (D)  

Bill Hayes (R)  

Chad Ricketts (Libertarian)

District 92  

Debbie Phillips* (D)  

Mike Hunter (R)  

Ty Collinsworth (Green)

District 93  

Linda Secrest (D)  

Andy Thompson (R)

District 94  

Troy Balderson* (R)

District 95  

Lou Gentile (D)  

Mark T. Clark (R)

District 96 - Challenger wins  

Joshua E. O'Farrell* (D)  

Al Landis (R)

District 97  

Edward Powers (D)  

Dave Hall* (R)  

Gary Aukerman (Independent)

District 98  

Mary A. Briggs (D)  

Timothy J. Grendell (R)  

Bob Cannon (Constitution)  

Mark Saric (Independent)

District 99 - TOO CLOSE TO CALL  

Deborah A. Newcomb* (D)  

Casey Kozlowski (R)  

Tammy Roesch (Independent)