Most Canadians seeking work visas for the United States obtain NAFTA TN work visas, or L-1 work visas if they are being transferred between related companies.

H-1Bs work visas are sometimes an option that needs to be considered. This is especially true for non-Canadians who cannot use NAFTA’s work visa options.

The H-1B limit, or "cap," is the number of H-1B cases that can be approved each year as "new" H-1B filings. The annual limit on regular H- 1B cap-subject approvals is 65,000, with a separate allocation of 20,000 cap exemptions for beneficiaries who hold U.S. master’s degrees or higher.

There is still currently cap room for H-1Bs for Fiscal 2012, as set out in the table available here.

Employers that may need H-1B work visas for foreign hires prior to October 1, 2012 will need to monitor the cap count, and apply before the cap is reached. The availability of H-1Bs will run out prior to the end of Fiscal 2012 (the fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30).