On 27th March, the Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People’s Court has held the evidence exchange hearing in the patent case between Apple Inc. and Shanghai Zhi Zhen Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

According to the claim from Shanghai Zhi Zhen, “Siri”, the system for iPhones and iPads, infringes its patent rights which are used on the ‘Xiao i’, a chat robot system developed since 2003. ‘Xiao i’ core technology is based on man-machine interaction and the system has been used in government hotlines, telecommunications, banking and e-commerce service sections among the others fields of application, Shanghai Zhi Zhen is seeking for confirmation of patent infringement and injunction to stop Apple Inc. from producing and selling products which use Siri system in China. Apple has applied to China’s SIPO for the invalidation of ‘Xiao i’ patent and on the other hand claims that Siri doesn’t infringe Zhi Zhen’s patent because it doesn’t have a game server, a technical feature of ‘Xiao i’. Apple asked the Court to suspend the case pending a ruling at the SIPO to invalidate the Chinese firm's patent. The request has been rejected, though the Court granted one moth more to find evidences.

(Source: www.shanghaidaily.com)