In 1996 the Northern Regional Health Authority entered into a Memorandum of Understanding and a Deed of Partnership with the Trust. Both agreements placed some emphasis on the Treaty of Waitangi. Due to legislative changes, the agreements transferred to the Ministry in 2001. In this proceeding the Trust sought judicial review of what it claimed was the Ministry's unilateral decision to terminate the agreements. The Ministry contended that termination was a commercial decision and not amenable to judicial review, and in the alternative that none of the grounds of judicial review were made out. Having reviewed the evidence, the Court found that although the Ministry had initially made a unilateral decision to terminate, it then renewed the agreements. Subsequently, the parties agreed that if a contract was not finalised by 30 June 2009, all contracting would cease and it was this agreed cut-off that ultimately brought the Agreements to an end. The Court concluded that as termination was expressly agreed to by the Trust, there was no "unilateral decision" open to judicial review. The claim was dismissed. Te Tai Tokerau MAPO Trust v The Chief Executive of the Ministry of Health (HC WHA CIV-2010-488-307, 5 August 2011)