Handbook Notice 63

The FSA has published Handbook Notice 63. This Handbook Notice introduces the FSA Handbook and other material made by the FSA Board under its legislative powers on 22 February 2007. On 22 February 2007 the FSA Board made changes to the FSA Handbook in two instruments. Briefly, these changes consisted of:

  • Simplification of part of the Approved Persons regime.
  • The provision of some additional flexibility to firms operating collective investment schemes without weakening investors’ overall interests.

Handbook Development: No.84

The FSA has published issue 84 of its Handbook Development Newsletter. This Newsletter contains:

  • Information about recent FSA Handbook-related and other developments. This covers Consultation Paper 07/3: Regulatory fees and levies 2007/8, Policy Statement 07/4: Reforming the Approved Persons regime - Feedback on Section IV of CP06/15, Policy Statement 07/2: Implementing the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive - Feedback on CP06/14, CP06/19 and CP06/20 and Policy Statement 07/1: Integrated Regulatory Reporting (IRR): Certain investment firms - Feedback on Parts II and III of CP06/11 and made text.
  • Information about recently-issued FSA Handbook-related and other publications.
  • An updated timetable for forthcoming FSA publications. A Discussion Paper on the review of retail distribution is expected in June 2007. The Feedback Statement to DP06/4, The responsibilities of providers and distributors for the fair treatment of customers is expected in March 2007.