Following the UK Government’s defeat on the Withdrawal Agreement today, the time at which the UK is due to leave the EU is now confirmed as having moved to 11pm GMT on Friday 12 April 2019.

The change is reflected in the Statutory Instrument that has been passed by the UK Parliament earlier this week to amend the day of exit in the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (if the Government had won today’s vote the exit day would have moved to 22 May 2019).

As stated in the European Council Decision of 22 March 2019 on the Article 50 extension, the UK now needs to “indicate a way forward” to the European Council before 12 April 2019. The UK may choose to proceed with a “no deal” on that exit day or propose an alternative plan and request a further extension which will require it to participate in the next European Parliament elections on 23-26 May 2019. In order for there to be any extension beyond 12 April 2019 there has to be unanimity between the UK and all other members of the EU.

In response to the Government’s defeat today Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, has called a European Council for Wednesday 10 April.

The House of Commons is due to hold indicative votes on possible ways forward for the second time on Monday 1 April, having voted against each option put before it the first time on the 27 March.