Last November we advised of new requirements for swimming pool owners, under the Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012 (Act) (click here to read our previous update).

A reminder that the first phase of these requirements has now commenced.


As of 29 April 2013, swimming pool owners are required to register their swimming pools on the State Government’s online register.  Swimming pool owners have until 29 October 2013 to register their swimming pool, or a minimum fine of $220 (maximum $2,200) may be imposed.  Swimming pool owners may do this by providing the required information to the local Council, or by submitting the information onto the register themselves here.

The information required to be entered onto the register is:

  • the address of the property;
  • the type of swimming pool, e.g in-ground or above-ground, indoor or outdoor, or a spa pool; and
  • the type of property, e.g residential, tourist and visitor accommodation, or premises on which more than 2 dwellings are located.


Swimming pool owners are also required to ensure that their swimming pools comply with the requirements of the Act, which primarily relate to fencing and signage.   Local councils are now required to implement programs for inspecting swimming pools, aimed at cracking down on non-compliance.  Local councils are required to implement inspection programs by 29 October 2013.  Penalties apply for a non-compliant swimming pool.


If you own a swimming pool, you should register your swimming pool by 29 October 2013 and ensure that the swimming pool complies with the requirements of the Act.  You can contact your local Council or an accredited certifier to inspect the swimming pool and issue a certificate of compliance under the Act.  The maximum fee the council can charge for a first inspection is $150.


If you are purchasing a property with a swimming pool, you should search the register to check if the swimming pool is registered.  If it is not, you are required to register it by 29 October 2013.  You should also obtain a certificate of compliance for the swimming pool from the vendor.