Non-retail pooled funds

Available vehicles

What are the main legal vehicles used to set up a non-retail fund? How are they formed?

There are no types of fund under Greek law that are classified as non-retail because all fund types can be (and typically are) offered to both professional and retail investors.

Laws and regulations

What are the key laws and other sets of rules that govern non-retail funds?

See question 23.


Must non-retail funds be authorised or licensed to be established or marketed in your jurisdiction?

See question 23.


Who can market non-retail funds? To whom can they be marketed?

See question 23.

Ownership restrictions

Do investor-protection rules restrict ownership in non-retail funds to certain classes of investor?

See question 23.

Managers and operators

Are there any special requirements that apply to managers or operators of non-retail funds?

See question 23.

Tax treatment

What is the tax treatment of non-retail funds? Are any exemptions available?

See question 23.

Asset protection

Must the portfolio of assets of a non-retail fund be held by a separate local custodian? What regulations are in place to protect the fund’s assets?

See question 23.


What are the main governance requirements for a non-retail fund formed in your jurisdiction?

See question 23.


What are the periodic reporting requirements for non-retail funds?

See question 23.