For a map of the major changes possible for West Hamilton and East Boone Counties please see original document.

146th Street Alignment

The Hamilton County Highway Department is planning to improve 146th Street between Spring Mill Road and the Hamilton/Boone County line. As planned, 146th Street will be expanded from a two-lane county road to a four-lane arterial with medians and frontage roads which will significantly restrict access to 146th Street. The proposed right-of-way width needed for these improvements is approximately 278. Major intersections along 146th Street include Shelborne Road, Towne Road, Ditch Road and Spring Mill Road.

The widened right-of-way will significantly impact many properties along this portion of 146th Street. This project is still in the planning phase and the County will seek public input in Spring of 2009. The County is currently seeking funding for land acquisition, and plans to begin construction in 2011.

The proposed plans are available here.

U.S. 421 (Michigan Road) Improvements

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has held a Public Hearing for improvements to U.S. 421 in Boone County. Currently under consideration is extending the existing multi-lane "urban" section (four 12' travel lanes separated by a median/turn lane) north from 121st Street to County Road 300 North (146th Street). Continuing from CR 300 N to the bridge over Eagle Creek, U.S. 421 would be improved with a 2-lane "rural" section consisting of two 12' travel lanes .

INDOT plans to initiate real estate acquisition activities in 2009, with anticipated construction beginning in the spring of 2012. An estimated 21± acres of additional right-of-way will be needed for the proposed improvements. This project is being managed through INDOT's Crawfordsville District Office.

A map/aerial photograph of the area involved is available for your review here.

Lebanon I-65 Annexation

The City of Lebanon recently approved annexation of approximately six square miles south and east of the City, stretching nearly one-half mile on either side of Interstate 65 (an annexation boundary map is available here ). The annexation contains approximately 3,675 acres of land which would double the City's size. The ordinance becomes effective on December 8, 2008 unless opponents successfully file a formal remonstrance. The City's Land Use Plan identifies the annexation area as Mixed-Use Commercial/Industrial to the south of Interstate 65 and a mix of commercial and residential to the north of Interstate 65 (the City's Land Use Map is available here).

Eagle - Union - Zionsville Reorganization

Eagle and Union Townships and the Town of Zionsville have created a Plan of Reorganization (the "Plan") to consolidate the three individual governments into one municipal entity called the Town of Zionsville. The Plan was passed by all three governmental entities and will be placed on the November 4, 2008 ballot for consideration by voters. In order for the Plan to become effective, it must be passed by a majority of voters in each of the three individual government districts. The proposed Plan, if approved, will increase the size of the incorporated Town of Zionsville to more than 50 square miles (from about 12 square miles). If the plan is approved on the November ballot, it will become effective January 1, 2010.

More information about the Plan and a copy of the "Plan of Reorganization" is available from the Eagle - Union - Zionsville Reorganization Committee website located here.