With President-Elect Donald Trump and a new Congress ready to take office in January, the US health care system has reached a pivotal moment. In particular, the overarching question facing the industry and employers across the country is what will become of President Barack Obama's signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act?

In Part One of this Health Care Counsel podcast series, Arent Fox counsel Lanhee J. Chen, a senior appointee at the US Department of Health and Human Services during the George W. Bush administration, and Senior Government Relations Director Sonja L. Nesbit, a former Obama Administration appointee who served at HHS, discussed how they expect a Trump Administration to handle Obamacare.

"The future of the Affordable Care Act was a settled matter," said Lanhee. "But the election changes that substantially. The first issue is that the law itself will likely be changed. Many parts will be repealed. The question then becomes what replaces components of the law that are done away with?"

"The results from the election really did transform the future of the ACA," said Sonja. "What we cannot lose sight of is that while Republicans have control of both chambers of Congress, there is gong to be fervent opposition, particularly in the Senate, to any dramatic changes to the ACA."

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