Further to previous blogs on this topic and following the recent, albeit vague, announcement that the Government were intending to introduce Employment Tribunal fees, some further information has been released regarding the Government's plans.

It has been reported that Ed Davey, Minister for Employment Relations, has indicated that people on low income will not pay a fee and that a sliding scale of fees is being considered. It also looks like the fees will be introduced in December 2013 and not April 2013 as previously thought.

A week or so ago there was speculation about fees of £250 to raise a Tribunal claim and a £1,000 fee when a hearing is fixed. For the avoidance of doubt, whilst this might turn out to be the case, this, so far as I am aware, has not been indicated publicly by any formal source and remains press speculation albeit it is possible that the press have obtained this information from reliable sources.

A full consultation in this issue is to commence by the end of November.