The Article 29 Working Party (WP) has published its opinion on the draft Data Protection Regulation in view of the discussions between the European Parliament, Commission and Council. The WP stressed the importance that the new regulatory framework does not lower the level of protection currently provided or undermine the core principles and rights provided by the Data Protection Directive.

In particular the WP highlighted the following key points in its cover letters:

  • the need for consistency between the Regulation and the proposed Data Protection Directive in regulating the data processing activities of law enforcement agencies;
  • the need to define the term "personal data" in line with technological evolution;
  • the need for a cautious approach and against a watering down of the purpose limitation principle; and
  • the need to equip data protection authorities with appropriate powers and sufficient resources.

The opinion provided by the WP further reiterated the need for a harmonised approach to enforcement and effective governance across the EU in regards to data protection. The issues raised light on the establishment of a European Data Protection Board to ensure effective supervision.

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