Paraguay decides to give e-commerce a legal livelihood.

In Paraguay, the circle of computer security in commercial transactions electronically, is about to close; the last missing element is the presence of providers of digital signature certification.

The digital certificate provides a person assured that the transaction is indeed authentic.

The Enforcement Authority is the General Office of Digital Signature and Electronic Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Trade is in full awareness campaign, due to the novelty of the subject.

The e-commerce operations are unique in that there are only two parties, the offerer and the applicant, but there is also a third subject who are internet operators who provide this service necessary for conducting online transactions remotely.

The e-commerce law complements the need to provide greater security to a sector that, without specific legal framework, suffered the phenomenon of self-regulation in the past.

However, the e-commerce in banking has been going on for quite some time, but now, with Law 4868, what was done was guaranteed for all parties, transactions with a legal basis, not previously existed.