An analysis of the U.S. Environmental Protection (EPA)’s proposed Clean Power Plan (CPP), designed to reduce carbon emissions from existing power plants, shows the plan could “raise concerns about grid reliability” if implemented on the suggested schedule,Gongwer reports. The report from North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the international regulatory authority responsible for ensuring the reliability of the U.S. electric system, said, “the draft carbon rules present reliability concerns” and suggested allowing more time beyond the target date of 2020 for implementation of the plan. “Our assessment of the draft CPP affirms an accelerating transformation of the bulk power system toward increased dependency on natural gas, wind and solar resources,” said Thomas Burgess of Reliability Assessment and Performance Analysis. NERC’s assessment said the CPP is expected to speed up that shift and recommends more time for the utility industry to “develop coordinated plans” for the changes as well as for “related transmission and gas pipeline infrastructure construction.”