IOSCO consults on storage infrastructure effects: IOSCO has been researching the potential effects of storage infrastructure on the integrity of the price formation process of commodity derivatives. It has now produced a questionnaire and invites views by 31 October on any or all of the issues it raises. (Source: IOSCO Consults on Storage Infrastructure Effects)

IOSCO makes public repository for central clearing requirements: IOSCO has made accessible to the public its information repository for central clearing requirements for OTC derivatives in different jurisdictions. (Source: Repository for Central Clearing Requirements)

Industry updates on G-UTI: Industry associations have written to IOSCO with an update on the Global Unique Trade Identifier (G-UTI). They stress that adoption of the G-UTI is of special relevance for Europe, where current low matching rates for dual-sided trade reporting can be explained by the lack of clear and consistent guidance regarding a standardised identifier. (Source: Industry Updates on G-UTI)