As from 1 January 2018 there have been new requirements for obtaining work permits. There is a requirement to submit a signed statement confirming that neither the employing company nor its managers have a criminal record for crimes related to the employment of foreign nationals. Documents must also be submitted for applications, to confirm the applicant has relevant qualifications.

Immigration offices now have broad discretion to refuse a work permit application, for example, if they suspect it would be used for purposes other than stated in the application.

The procedure for obtaining a simplified short-term work permit (for nationals of neighbouring countries allowing work for up to six months within a 12-month period) has also changed from 1 January 2018. The maximum duration of the process has been extended to 30 days and a fee of PLN 30 has been introduced for each application. Generally, although obtaining a short-term work permit is still easier than obtaining a regular work permit, the administrative burden of meeting the requirements has increased.

Tomasz Rogala, Raczkowski Paruch