Neuca's takeover of ACP Pharma has been given conditional clearance by UOKiK, Poland's Competition Authority.

This is the third conditional clearance issued by UOKiK this year.

Both Neuca and ACP Pharma are active in the wholesale and pre-wholesale pharmaceutical market.

UOKiK conducted a survey of both companies’ competitors during the merger proceedings and found that the merger could significantly restrict competition in the local market within a 110km radius of ACP Pharma's wholesale operation in Bydgoszcz. UOKiK has therefore ordered that Neuca dispose of this business (to a buyer approved by UOKiK) as one of the conditions of clearance.

Although Neuca has already accepted this condition, UOKiK's decision is not final; Neuca still has the right to appeal it against to the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection.