On May 15, 2019, WilmerHale Partner Rob Finkel sat down with Thomas Young, Managing Partner at Rumjog Enterprises, for a podcast on The Evolution of Commercial Agreements. Rumjog Enterprises is an independent consulting organization that helps buyers and sellers of new technologies implement and govern complex commercial agreements. The episode was part of Rumjog's podcast, Pardon The Disruption, a series that discusses new and emerging technologies, and the impact they have on the way we live and work.

Mr. Finkel discussed the transformation of data-centric business interests over the last twenty years, touching on cybersecurity, risk mitigation associated with data, and the impact of AI on the modern workforce. "There is great value in data," he explained, "and there is big risk associated with that." Of emerging technologies in the workplace, he noted "people are focusing on the fact that it is going to eliminate positions and functions...but it's up to us to train newcomers so that they can perform work at a higher level." He compared the emergence of AI-based services to the rise of international outsourcing, stating that "for every industry where knowledge and information drives business, this is going to happen."

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