According to a public-interest organization in the Philippines, traditional Pakistani eye cosmetics that have been prohibited in Canada, Europe and the United States because they contain heavy metals such as lead have been found in retail establishments in the Philippines. The cosmetics, known as “kajal,” “kohl” or “surma” have apparently been subject to recalls elsewhere and were most recently at issue in a U.S. Food and Drug Administration Import Alert that warned, “[T]he use of these colors may present a hazard to health because of their heavy metal content.” The alert also noted, “[T]he risks associated with exposure to lead are especially serious for children, who are particularly susceptible to absorbing lead from the environment.” EcoWaste Coalition National Coordinator Aileen Lucero said, “These eye cosmetics were subjected to various product recalls abroad and should not be sold here. Local consumers who use them should be duly alerted of the health hazards posed by such cosmetics.” See EcoWaste Coalition News Release, August 17, 2014.