The Joint Committee on Employee Benefits met today with representatives of both CCIIO and IRS. We certainly appreciate the willingness of the IRS and CCIIO to meet and discuss with us important issues facing employers and employees. One of the issues we discussed was the interplay between the Exchanges, the employer and the employee. Employees will have many more choices staring in 2014, but not all choice is good. One issue we discussed is that Exchanges will be telling individuals that they may be eligible for tax credits up to $94,000 in income. The problem is that if their employer coverage is affordable and provides minimum value, tax credits are not available. This may cause employees to initially waive coverage, and then later seek to come back into the employer plan, when the Exchange does not turn out to be a better deal. Employers will need to plan for this during upcoming annual enrollment. Another issue employers will need to grapple with is the fact that under a recent study, 42% of Americans believe the ACA was repealed or is not the law. Really?

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