After a challenge by rival contact lens solution manufacturer Bausch & Lomb, the NAD has recommended that Alcon Laboratories, Inc., discontinue claims about its Clear Care and Clear Care Plus contact lens solutions.

Both Alcon and Bausch & Lomb sell solutions meant to clean and disinfect contact lenses. There are two major types of solutions: hydrogen peroxide-based solutions and multipurpose solutions (“MPS”), which rely on non-peroxide chemicals to disinfect lenses. Alcon’s products are peroxide-based, whereas Bausch & Lomb makes competing MPS products. Bausch & Lomb challenged claims suggesting that MPS solutions were inferior to Alcon’s solutions. Additionally, Alcon claimed that its solutions were “more like natural tears” because they did not contain preservatives.

Alcon agreed to discontinue certain claims at the outset of the investigation. The NAD recommended that Alcon discontinue a number of other claims, including “Preservative free to be more like natural tears,” and the claims that its products were better at disinfecting contact lenses compared to Bausch & Lomb’s products. The NAD found that Alcon’s claim of “long-lasting moisture” was supported by evidence and could continue.