The Agreement on Social Security between Brazil and Canada came into force on August 1, 2014.

This Agreement will enable Canada and Brazil to coordinate pension benefits and social security contributions for people who have lived or worked in both countries. Old age pension, disability pension and survivor pension are the benefits encompassed in the Agreement.

The main objective of International Agreements like this one is to guarantee social security rights to workers, legal dependents and those living or visiting the country, in accordance with the legislation of both countries.

This Agreement will benefit Canadians and Brazilians by permitting the continuity of social security coverage when an employee is sent to work temporarily in the other country and eliminating situations where the employer and employee might have to contribute to two countries' social security programs for the same work.

As a result, employees sent by their Canadian employers to work temporarily in Brazil can continue to contribute to the Canada Pension Plan and will be exempt from contributing   in Brazil for the same work according to the rules set forth in the Agreement.

Likewise, Brazilian company employees sent to work in Canada will benefit from the same advantages. This will result in substantial savings and increase the economic competitiveness of Canadian and Brazilian companies operating in each other's territory.