The Taiwan Fair Trade Act (“TFTA”), as amended, was promulgated by the President on February 4, 2015.  Highlights of the amendments are summarized as follows.  (1) It is specified that a natural person or a party holding a controlling interest in another enterprise shall be deemed as an enterprise within the meaning of the relevant merger control provisions.  (2) In calculating the shares acquired and the revenue threshold, the shares held by or the revenues of a merging enterprise’s affiliates shall also be included.  Further, the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (“TFTC”) is authorized to promulgate different revenue thresholds for different industries.  (3) A provision establishing a presumption of meeting of the minds between parties engaging in concerted action based on such factors as market condition, characteristics of goods or service, cost and profit consideration, and economic rationale, etc. In addition, the amendment also adds “any other joint action necessary for fostering industrial development, technical innovation, or management efficiency” as a ground for parties to apply for the TFTC’s approval for engaging in a concerted action.  (4) The TFTC is given the power to investigate and detain anything that could serve as evidence.  (5) The TFTC may suspend its investigation if the investigated enterprise undertakes to adopt specific measures to cease and correct the allegedly illegal action within a given period of time.  (6) The statute of limitations for the TFTC to impose penalties is extended from three years to five years in respect of illegal merger, abuse of monopolistic power, concerted action, and restriction on competition.  (7) The administrative appeal procedure is abolished with respect to appeals of the TFTC’s decisions, meaning that a party not satisfied with the TFTC’s decision may now resort to the courts directly without having to first file for administrative appeal.