Department of Justice Sentencing May 6, 2010

Jean Fourcand, who had pleaded guilty on February 19, 2010, to money laundering in connection with the bribery scheme involving Florida-based telecommunications companies and former Haitian official Robert Antoine, was sentenced to six months in prison for his role in the scheme. He was also ordered to serve two years of supervised release following his prison term, and assessed a $100 monetary penalty. On February 19, 2010, Jean Fourcand, president and director of Fourcand Enterprises, pleaded guilty to money laundering as a result of receiving funds between November 2001 and August 2002 originating from U.S. telecommunications companies for the benefit of an official of the Republic of Haiti’s state-owned national telecommunications company, Telecommunications D’Haiti (Haiti Teleco). As alleged in the information, Fourcand Enterprises was a shell intermediary company that was being used as a front for illegal foreign bribes. Fourcand received the money through an intermediary company, J.D. Locator Services, Inc., operated by Juan Diaz, who also pleaded guilty to FCPA charges in May 2009. As the information describes, Fourcand admitted that he used false accounting techniques, such as creating false invoice numbers to make the payments appear to be for legitimate services when in fact the money was intended for foreign bribes.