A Report from the Renewable Policy Energy Network for the Twenty-First Century shows that global investments in renewable energy jumped 32% to a record $211 billion.  The price of solar energy appears to be competitive with coal power as its price continues to drop.  Recently, solar power had a 60% drop in price per kilowatt production in just the past three (3) years. What does that mean to you? Will solar energy be catching on more?

I read an interesting article that listed the five most impressive latest solar development breakthroughs.  This author felt that together these five breakthroughs could mean infinite solar energy, stored easily and safely, at the fraction of the cost of burning coal.  Some advancements are the ability of nano-templated molecules to efficiently store energy, the ability to print solar cells on anything, solar thermal flat panels, a virus to improve nano-solar cell efficiency, and a transparent solar cell which can turn windows into solar panels. Some of these advancements seem like science fiction but are in fact reality.

The impact of new developments in solar energy on construction is certainly obvious. The solar energy business appears to be booming. While driving to the beach this summer, every block I noticed another solar energy or alternative energy business.

Is this the future?

Will this be the thing that helps the construction industry out of this recession? It certainly can't hurt. The question is really going to be whether the consumer feels that it can save them money.