A California resident has filed a putative class action in state court alleging that Nature’s Bounty Inc. falsely advertised its gingko biloba supplements as memory boosters to prey upon the elderly’s fear of permanent memory loss. Wilson v. Nature’s Bounty Inc., No. BC561527 (Super. Ct. Cal., Los Angeles Cnty., filed October 22, 2014). The complaint alleges that “the promise of enhanced mental acuity and prevention of memory loss is nothing but a sham,” citing clinical studies that apparently found ginkgo biloba supplements to be “ineffective in improving memory or cognitive function.” The complaint further claims that Nature’s Bounty targeted the elderly by labeling their products with the statement “[g]inkgo helps support brain function and can help improve memory, especially the occasional mild memory problems associated with aging.” The plaintiff alleges that Nature’s Bounty’s advertising was unlawful, unfair, fraudulent, false, and misleading under California law; she seeks class certification, an injunction, restitution, and attorney’s fees.