The Federal government is operational again.  That means, among other things, that the E-Verify system is back!   You may recall that immediately after the partial government shutdown due to Congress’ inability to pass a measure to continue funding the Federal government on October 1st it was lights out for E-Verify.  Read this posting for more on that.

Starting today, employers can again login to E-Verify and use the electronic employment eligibility verification system.  Wondering what to do for those new hires you couldn’t run through the system within the mandated three-day period due to the more than two week government shutdown?  Here’s what USCIS is saying about that and the timeline employers must operate under:

Creating Cases: Three-Day Rule

You must create an E-Verify case for each employee hired during or otherwise affected by the shutdown by November 5, 2013. If you are prompted to provide a reason why the case is late (i.e., does not conform to the three-day rule), select ‘Other’ from the drop-down list of reasons and enter ‘federal government shutdown’ in the field.

To read the USCIS announcement regarding E-Verify being operational again, click here.  This announcement will, among other things, also tell you how to address pending Tentative Nonconfirmation (“TNC”) situations which were also impacted by the government shutdown.