The Moscow City Government has adopted a decree on approving the types, parameters and features of land improvement structures as well as alterations to major construction works that do not require construction permits. The decree came into force on 12 September 2012. There are 20 such land improvement structures in all, including:

  • outdoor playgrounds and sport grounds;
  • areas for walking dogs;
  • pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths;
  • roadside barriers;
  • water fountains; and
  • dovecotes.

Also, certain alterations to major construction works and sections of them that do not affect the structural features, their reliability and/or safety do not require a construction permit. Such works, among others, include:

  • replacing lifts/elevators;
  • insulating facades;
  • replacing engineering systems; and
  • removing partitions and non-bearing walls.

A favourable conclusion on the technical condition of a capital construction structure is required in order to perform these alteration works. An engineering organisation with a competency certificate to perform these types of work completes the conclusion. At the same time, the established requirements of documentation design, a documentation approval, the obtaining of the necessary permits and compliance with the technical regulations remain in force.

Consequently, the procedures to install certain land improvement structures, as well as complete works to alter capital construction, have been simplified, meaning that installing such structures and implementing these types of works now require less time and cost. This could, therefore, increase the attractiveness of investing in completing such works within Moscow City.

[Decree No. 432-PP of the Moscow City Government, dated 27 August 2012]