Case no. A 222/07 and A 223/07, ref. no. 13/09: The Labour Court held that the employer's decision only to pay out bonuses to employees on parental leave in proportion to the time they had actually worked during the year, did not constitute unfair treatment of these employees according to Section 16 of the Parental Leave Act (1995:584). The Labour Court held that although the employees had been unfairly mistreated since they received a reduced bonus, and there was causation between the unfair treatment and the parental leave, the reduction of the bonus was a "necessary consequence" of the leave since the bonus should be regarded as a form of retroactive salary. Further, the Labour Court referred to the preparatory works of the Act where it was stated that a necessary consequence of the leave means that it cannot be avoided unless the employee on parental leave shall be treated more beneficently than other employees in a way that can be regarded as unfair to the other employees, or otherwise appears as unreasonable or obviously unmotivated.