If you are opening up a restaurant with some form of alcohol sales, keep in mind that a person under 21 is not permitted to sell, serve, or handle alcoholic beverages.  However, there may be some limited exceptions.  For example, in the City of Las Vegas, a person at least 16 years old can handle beer, wine, or coolers if in sealed containers under the supervision of another employee or owner who is 21 and can handle containers when clearing or cleaning tables.

In some jurisdictions in the Las Vegas area, certain employees of food establishments with alcohol sales will need to obtain a non-gaming Sheriff’s card (i.e., work card).  Generally, someone who is a manager or oversees alcohol sales; bartenders and their equivalents; and security personnel are required to obtain work cards.  However, the requirements of the jurisdiction where the business is located should be double checked.

Any person who sells or serves alcohol, or who serves in a security position, must also obtain a TAM card (short for Techniques in Alcohol Management).

Finally, any employee of a food establishment, unless the person is strictly a cashier and will not have food-handling responsibilities, must obtain a food handler safety training card (formerly known as the Health Card).

Establishments with alcohol sales must require employees to carry these cards on them at all times during their shift.  A listing of each employee’s card information must also be maintained by the business and available for inspection.