After all the prior fighting over requests for W-2 information, the PA Commonwealth Court has finally taken a position on such requests.

Almost exactly two years after she issued her prior Right to Know bombshell, Senior Judge Rochelle Friedman -- this time with a unanimous panel backing her up -- has now put to rest the question of whether a requester may obtain a copy of a public employee's W-2 tax form.  Her definitive answer was NO.

The opinion decides the matter entirely on the basis of federal law, but notes that it would likely have come out the same way under Pennsylvania law.

In truth, the opinion is not all that long and the examination of the law is rather straight forward.  In fact, when reading this one wonders how the OOR came to a different conclusion.

The case is Office of the Budget v. Campbell, 1745 C.D. 2010 and can be found here.