Boyes Turner LLP has negotiated a substantial settlement for a 65 year old amputee following alleged negligent care provided by the Royal Berkshire Hospital (RBH).

Mr P had been undergoing medical investigations for pain, swelling and numbness in his left leg, and was eventually referred for an ultrasound scan at RBH. The scan revealed a large popliteal aneurysm. Despite the size and symptoms of the aneurysm, Mr P was told to carry on with his planned 10 day holiday the next day. He was informed he would receive an appointment for an angiogram, following which he would have surgery to tie off the aneurysm from circulation and ensure blood flow to the lower leg.

Two weeks later, upon return from holiday Mr P experienced sudden, excruciating pain in his leg which had gone cold. A clot from the aneurysm had moved and blocked off the blood supply to the rest of the leg. Mr P attended the Accident and Emergency department at RBH immediately and underwent emergency surgery to reroute the blood flow through another blood vessel. The surgery was unsuccessful resulting in an above knee amputation.

Mr P instructed Boyes Turner's medical negligence solicitors to investigate a claim against RBH for a delay in treating the aneurysm. Early medical evidence indicated that Mr P shouldn't have been advised to go on holiday and should have had an angiogram within a day or two of first attending the RBH and surgery a week later. It was alleged that surgery would have been successful and the amputation avoided.

Despite the claim for damages being vigorously denied, Sita Soni, the Boyes Turner solicitor acting for Mr P achieved a substantial six figure settlement plus payment of Mr P's legal costs.

The settlement is life changing for Mr P so that he can purchase a suitable prosthesis and adapt his home to improve his quality of life. Mr P's claim included the cost of the new Ottoblock Kenovo knee joint prosthesis designed for safety and support in everyday situations.

Mr P is looking forward to getting back some of the activities he enjoyed prior to the amputation which have previously been impossible.