On 24 November 2010, n. 183/2010 (called "Collegato Lavoro"), came into force and introduced many new provisions concerning the employment relationship and employment disputes.

Important changes concern:

  • deadlines for employees to challenge unlawful terminations, fixed term contracts, and relocations. In particular, the employee must challenge by sending a registered letter to their employer within 60 days from termination, relocation or expiry of fixed term contract;
  • new deadlines for employees to bring a claim before the Employment Court for challenging unlawful terminations, fixed term contracts and relocations. The employee must take action within 270 days from sending the registered letter with which he/she has challenged termination, relocation or employment contract;
  • the same deadlines (60 + 270 days ) have been extended to self employed workers for challenging the withdrawal of a consultancy agreement;
  • new sanctions in case of breach of Italian employment rules concerning fixed term contracts;
  • the opportunity for employers and employees to agree arbitration clauses with which they can entrust to arbitrators the decision of employment disputes as an alternative to judicial proceedings;
  • the revocation of the duty to attempt an out-of-court settlement at Employment Office before starting an employment action;
  • new sanctions for the breach of Italian employment rules concerning working hours; and
  • new provisions regarding medical certificates in case of illness.