On 2 March 2015 the Competition Council issued its 4th report on monitoring the Law on Prohibition of Unfair Practices by Retailers. The observations and findings of the Competition Council serve as a deterrent from unlawful practices. The report overviews the latest developments in retailer and supplier relations, provides analysis of violations, and reports on opinion surveys related to enforcement of the Law.

From reported violations this year, practices by a few large retail chains have been addressed. These companies have been found to violate the prohibition on setting a requirement for suppliers to accept unsold food products. The conclusion was that by entering into agreements with food suppliers one of the retail chains unlawfully insisted on a provision that allowed it without restriction to return food products and drinks, and suppliers were obligated to accept them. The Competition Council concluded that retailers disproportionately transferred to suppliers the risk and losses related to sales of goods already delivered. After appeal, the decision of the Competition Council was upheld by the administrative court.

The full report can be found here.