The General Court of the EU has annulled several acts of the Council designating various entities under measures to prevent nuclear proliferation and terrorist financing. It found the Council had:

  • not proved the facts on which it based its accusations against Post Bank Iran, Iran Insurance Company, Good Luck Shipping and Export Development Bank of Iran;
  • made errors of assessment relating to facts or evidence in which it relied in its designations of Mr Bateni, Persia International Bank and Iranian Offshore Engineering & Construction Co;
  • breached its obligation to state reasons and disclose evidence against Bank Refah Kargaran; and
  • merely adopted a proposal of a Member State without properly evaluating it in relation to its acts of 23 May 2011 in relation to Europäisch-Iranische Handelsbank (but not in relation to other entities). However, the Council made later acts which were, in the Court's opinion, valid, so these more recent acts have not been annulled and the funds of Europäisch-Iranische Handelsbank remain frozen.

Bank Melli had also applied for annulment of acts, but the Court found against all these appeals and Bank Melli remains listed for all current purposes. The annulments will not take effect until the deadline for the Council to appeal has passed. During this period, the Council has an opportunity to make valid acts which will have the effect of continuing the designations. (Source: General Court Annuls Sanctions Designations)