In Smith v Fairview Ridges Hospital, the federal Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals (covering Midwestern states including Minnesota) held that a transportation aide employed at a hospital emergency room ("ER") failed to offer sufficient evidence of race discrimination to require a trial. Among other evidence, Shelia Smith (one of two African Americans in the ER room) offered evidence that a picture of "Buckwheat," a character from the Little Rascals show, was posted on the ER door along with other employees' childhood photographs with the caption: "Guess who this is?" On another occasion, a co-worker said Smith needed to "go back to the ghetto where she came from." In yet another incident, Smith brought fried chicken to a potluck. When a nurse asked who brought the fried chicken, a co-worker responded: "Who else?" In affirming summary judgment for the employer, the court held that the incidents, though racially tinged, were relatively infrequent (occurring over 12 months), involved co-workers and not managers, and were not severe or pervasive as to give rise to a hostile work environment.